Nestlé launches BabyNes, the first comprehensive nutrition system for babies, in Switzerland

May 25, 2011
BabyNes machine and products INNOVATION: The BabyNes machine combines state-of-the-art technology with the utmost safety and convenience, and ensures a hygienic, quick and easy bottle preparation.

Nestlé today announced the launch in Switzerland of its premium BabyNes system, a unique combination of nutrition innovation, high-tech machine technology and after-sales service.

is the world’s first comprehensive nutrition system for infants and toddlers, and is based on Nestlé’s latest scientific achievements in baby nutrition and systems technology. With BabyNes, Nestlé builds on its unmatched expertise in baby nutrition gained over 145 years since the invention of Farine Lactée by Henri Nestlé.

Nestlé supports exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life, in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, and continued breastfeeding thereafter for as long as possible. For babies who are not breastfed, Nestlé provides high-quality breast milk substitutes, such as BabyNes.

BabyNes offers single-serve formulas for infants and young children up to the age of three years. The composition of the six consecutive formulas meets the evolving nutritional needs in the first three years of life: four formulas in the first year, and one formula for each of the following two years. The customised composition of these products is tailored to suit the growth pattern in early life and the baby’s changing nutritional needs, while taking into account the steady introduction of solid food into the infant’s diet.

BabyNes capsule BABYNES CAPSULE: The BabyNes system uses new patented technology to prepare and deliver a hygienic, safe product for babies in a new way. At the heart of the innovation is the BabyNes capsule which contains an integrated microbiological filter to eliminate bacteria from the water. The product preparation all takes place within the closed capsule which means it doesn't have any contact with the machine or the user before going into the bottle.

The single-serve portions are sealed in capsules, used in the proprietary BabyNes machine, which recognises each capsule and prepares the bottle with precisely the right dosage and temperature, at the push of a button, in less than one minute. The BabyNes machine combines state-of-the-art technology with the utmost safety and convenience, and ensures a hygienic, quick and easy bottle preparation.

In addition, BabyNes offers 24-hour customer service via the Swiss BabyNes website, the French BabyNes website or via the BabyNes customer service hotline. Customers may use the interactive service on the websites to understand and track their baby’s growth and changing nutritional needs, to choose the right product type, as well as to order capsules or get more information from professional nutritionists.

BabyNes goes on sale today exclusively in Switzerland. BabyNes products can be purchased via the BabyNes website or in selected pharmacies and baby stores across Switzerland. BabyNes capsules are dispatched within 48 hours to any address in Switzerland.

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