Nestlé launches Special.T

Sep 10, 2010
Special T TEA INNOVATION: Single-serving capsules contain premium portioned tea with names such as Earl Grey Lime.

September 10, 2010

Special.T , the pioneering tea solution announced in May, is now available throughout France and Switzerland exclusively through the website.

Visit the Special.T website to order machines, tea capsules and accessories.

Watch the new concept film: Special.T

May 20, 2010

A pioneering solution to provide consumers at home with the highest quality portioned tea beverages is launched by Nestlé.

The Special.T tea machine system is based on a proprietary system of single-serving capsules containing top quality, premium portioned tea and specialised machines.

It underlines the Company's inventive role in the beverage machine market which started with Nespresso, today's market reference in highest quality portioned coffee.

Officially available in France from September 2010, Special.T will be exclusively commercialised via the internet with orders shipped to home or offices within 48 hours. In a second stage, Nestlé plans the roll-out of Special.T in other European markets.
Petraea Heynike, Executive Vice President of Nestlé S.A. responsible for Strategic Business Units, Marketing and Sales, said: “Special.T is another clear demonstration of Nestlé’s strong innovation capacities.

“After Nespresso and Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Special.T is our third major innovation in beverage systems, by which we pioneer the market of portioned tea and thus strengthen our commitment as the world’s largest beverage company. Special.T is a clear sign of the importance attributed to R&D and innovation.”

Special.T by Nestlé offers a selection of 25 tea varieties – ranging from green, black, blue, red and white teas, to flavoured teas and organic herb teas – which are carefully sourced from selected tea farms in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa.

Overall, Special.T’s qualities excel through the combination of tea leaves selected from the top 1% of the world’s tea harvest and a state-of-the-art machine technology.

The high quality tea leaves are protected by aluminium capsules, with each dosage measured to precision. The perfect brewing time and temperature for each individual tea variety is calculated by the innovative Special.T machine system, which in turn, releases the full benefits and infusion of the tea beverage.

The Special.T aluminium capsules are also infinitely recyclable within national recycling collection points systems.

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German: Nestlé lanciert wegweisendes Teemaschinen-System Special.T
French: Nestlé lance un système pionnier de machine à thé Special.T (pdf, 23 Kb)

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