Nestlé opens renovated Coffee-mate factory in Chiapas, Mexico

Sep 17, 2010
Factory tour FACTORY TOUR: Left to right: Juan Carlos Marroquín Cuesta CEO for Nestlé Mexico, Bruno Ferrari García de Alba Minister of Economy, Juan Sabines Guerrero Constitutional Governor of the State of Chiapas and Mariano Aguilar Díaz, Official Authority of Chiapa de Corzo.

A revamped Nestlé factory which will manufacture Coffee-mate products for Latin America and the Caribbean was inaugurated last week.

The Chiapa de Corzo factory in the Mexican state of Chiapas – which now locally produces Coffee-mate coffee creamers having previously imported from the United States – will supply products to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

The renovation comes under the MXN 100 million (over CHF 7.9 million) investment in Chiapas announced by the Company in 2009. Taking nearly 12 months to complete, the enhanced facility has generated around 150 direct jobs and over 25,000 indirect jobs in the region.

Juan Carlos Marroquín Cuesta, CEO for Nestlé Mexico, was joined by Juan Sabines Guerrero, the Constitutional Governor of the State of Chiapas, Bruno Ferrari García de Alba, the Minister of Economy, and other state officials at the official inauguration on September 10, 2010.

Since 1970, when the factory started operations, Nestlé has created shared value jointly with the state government and local farmers. The purchase of coffee, cocoa and milk in the region is very important for the Company and for the development of Chiapas. With the transformation of this factory, Nestlé continues to significantly support the state’s development.

In addition, over the past 40 years, the facility has invested in improving the factory with indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting, rainwater recovery systems, 300 solar water heaters and a LEED certified general service building, largely reducing CO2 emissions.

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