New PowerBar concept helps gym goers optimise their workout

Oct 14, 2011
Fabian Hambüchen FABIAN HAMBÜCHEN, WORLD GYMNASTICS CHAMPION, HIGH BARS: "Powerbar has developed a holistic concept that combines training, nutrition and sports nutrition."

A new nutrition and training concept from Nestlé’s PowerBar brand is helping men across Europe to optimise the time they spend at the gym.

Up to 12,000 people each month are registering online with the Training, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition websites to receive personalised training and nutrition plans.

They introduce subscribers to a new method of exercise known as undulated training.

Building strength

Undulated training is a way of building strength by varying repetitions of individual exercises on a regular basis, instead of doing the same number of repetitions each time.

“On Monday you might do ten repetitions, on Wednesday six, and on Friday three, so that your muscles constantly receive new stimuli,” explained Eric Zaltas, Global Head of Research and Development for Nestlé Performance Nutrition.

“Everyone is looking for ways to be more efficient,” he added. “We are trying to help people who already lead an active lifestyle to get better results in the same amount of time.”

Feel good factor

A desire to lose weight only motivates people to go the gym for up to six months.

Most people give up after three months unless they start to get a ‘buzz’ from their workout.

People tend to continue if they have good personal experiences at the gym, such as someone telling them how to exercise more effectively.

The plans are designed to be used in conjunction with a new range of specially formulated PowerBar powdered shakes, in chocolate and vanilla flavour.

Strategic nutrition

“It’s not the conventional approach taken by most people who go to the gym,” continued Mr Zaltas.

“We are providing consumers with the latest sports science knowledge and strategic nutrition in a way which no one else has done before.

“The products contain key ingredients, which when used in the right amount, at the right time, in conjunction with the right training; can help to change body composition and strength,” he added.

To receive a personalised plan, men first have to provide details such as their weight, age, height, and what they hope to achieve.

The programme calculates a training plan and a sports nutrition plan recommending which PowerBar products to use when. It also provides general nutrition advice.

Toned and well shaped

Andreas Petrik, Senior Brand Manager for Nestlé Performance Nutrition Europe, explained that the concept has been developed for “normal, active men.”

Woman following the Power Shaping programme LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION: Power Shaping is aimed at women who already exercise regularly but would like to improve tone and strength in some areas.

“We have created this for people who want a toned and well shaped body,” he said.

“It’s not for professional athletes or bodybuilders.”

The products are available in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

They can be found at gyms, or at major supermarkets and health food retailers.

“The powdered shake format is popular for this kind of exercise because one tub of powder can be used to mix around 30 shakes,” added Mr Petrik.

“It’s much more efficient than buying the same amount of individually bottled drinks.”

Women's version

Training, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition has proved so popular that a version for women, called Power Shaping, has just been launched in Germany.

According to Mr Petrik, this is aimed at women who already exercise regularly but who are “looking for the inspiration to improve tone and strength in some areas.”

Power Shaping is currently only available in Germany, but PowerBar plans to roll it out in other European countries.

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