New R&D investment will strengthen Nestlé’s expertise in frozen and chilled foods

Jun 28, 2013
Selection of Nestlé frozen and chilled foods TASTE AND BALANCE: The investment will support growing demand for Nestlé frozen foods.

A new CHF 49 million (USD 53 million) investment in Nestlé’s research and development facilities in Ohio, in the United States, will ensure the company continues to deliver innovations in frozen and chilled products like prepared meals and pizzas.

The company’s investment reflects its worldwide commitment to continually improve the nutritional profile of its products such as by using more whole grains and by reducing the amount of certain ingredients such as salt, fat and sugar, without compromising on taste.

Food scientists, engineers, and technologists at the centre in the city of Solon will intensify work on recipe formulation, technologies and processes to support growing demand from Nestlé’s global frozen foods businesses, as well as that in the US.

“We have a long and successful history of making tasty and nutritionally balanced foods,” said Johannes Baensch, Nestlé’s Global Head of Research and Development at a ceremony to announce the investment in Solon.

“This investment will further enhance our scientific and technological expertise in frozen and chilled foods, to help us to continue to develop innovative nutrition health and wellness solutions for our global business.

“We are ultimately aiming to offer consumers worldwide more options for making balanced and pleasurable everyday meals for themselves and their families,” he added.

Mr Baensch was joined at the event by Governor of Ohio John R. Kasich, Solon Vice Mayor Edward Kraus and Jobs Ohio Managing Director David Mustine.

Facts and figures:
Solon R&D fact sheet (pdf, 160Kb)

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