Toll House is back

Aug 18, 2009

Watch a Video of Paul Bakus, General Manager, Nestlé USA Baking Group and Jan Harris, Plant Manager, Danville, USA talking about the new batch of Toll House cookie dough.


After almost two months of being out of the U.S. marketplace, Nestlé USA is pleased to announce that  Nestlé Toll House refrigerated cookie dough is returning to stores this week.

To make it easy for both retail partners and consumers to identify the new batch of cookie dough, a blue “New Batch” label will appear on all new production cookie dough items. Nestlé Toll House shipping cases also are marked in blue (rather than the previous black) to denote new production and will contain the statement: “Do not consume raw cookie dough.”

The adoption of this distinct labeling is the result of helpful discussions between Food & Drug Administration (FDA) officials and Nestlé, following reports of E.coli O157:H7 illnesses that appeared to be related to the consumption of raw cookie dough.

Following the voluntary recall of all Nestlé Toll House  refrigerated cookie dough products in June and throughout the investigation, Nestlé worked in full cooperation with the FDA to test their facility, production equipment, processes, ingredients and finished product to ensure that Nestlé Toll House cookies meet the high standards consumers have come to expect.

“We’re proud to place Nestlé Toll House refrigerated cookie dough back on store shelves,” said Paul Bakus, General Manager, Nestlé USA Baking Group. “While the FDA inspection at our Danville, Virginia facility has concluded, Nestlé’s commitment to food safety continues, as does our intensive testing. We test ingredients as they arrive and our cookie dough as it’s made. We hope families around the country will continue to enjoy our cookies.”

Consumers who purchased the recalled products should not consume them. Instead, Nestlé asked that consumers return these products to their local grocer for a full refund. Nestlé has also strongly advised consumers that cookie dough should not be consumed raw as their product labels caution.  Consumers with questions are invited to contact Nestlé Consumer Services at 1-800-559-5025 or to visit our web site at

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