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Through science-based nutrition products and services, Nestlé helps enhance the quality of people's lives by supporting health and providing care for consumers with special needs.

Nutrition has been a cornerstone of Nestlé since 1867 when Henri Nestlé developed his first infant formula to save the life of his neighbour’s child who was unable to breast feed and suffering from malnutrition.

We continue to help people lead fuller, happier lives by developing and delivering innovative, effective, scientifically proven nutrition products with functional benefits,designed to help infants grow and develop into healthy, robust adults; to promote peak mental and physical performance and to address weight problems.

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Our philosophy is that infants and children who acquire good eating habits from the start are laying the foundation for health and wellness throughout life.

At around six months, breast milk alone is no longer sufficient to meet a baby's energy and nutrition requirements. Complementary foods help to support optimal growth, brain development and the building of natural defenses.

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Created by athletes for athletes, we combine cutting-edge nutritional science and the spirit of sports in making products that help people perform better.

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Our aim is to help overweight people lose weight and keep it off with one-on-one weight management programs offering personalised nutritional and lifestyle support.

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