The Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme


Getting active and acquiring healthy eating habits can help children achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. We’re working hard to do all we can to promote healthier lifestyles and diets for kids.


Healthy Kids Ecuador
NUTRITION EDUCATION: Twins Keyla and Kysha take part in Nestlé's Healthy Kids Programme in Ecuador

The objective of the Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme is to raise nutrition and health knowledge and promote physical activity among school-age children around the world.

Multi-partnership approaches

Healthy Kids programmes are based on multi-partnership approaches: we work with almost 300 partners worldwide, including national and local governments, NGOs, nutrition health institutes and sport federations.

At a global level, Healthy Kids partners with the EPODE International Network and the International Association of Athletics Federation to support the development of the programme.

Global Reach

At the end of 2014, we were actively working with close to 300 partners to deliver our Healthy Kids Global Programme in 73 countries (2013: 68 countries). These efforts increase children's basic knowledge of the importance of nutrition and physical activity, and reached 7.6 million children in 2014 alone.

Nestlé Healthy Kids Infographic More facts and figures

Impactful programmes

Nestlé-partnered IAAF Kids' Athlietics programme
KIDS' ATHLETICS: Promoting physical activity in schools through the IAAF Kids' Athletics programme

The key to the programme’s success is the quality of the expert teams who develop the educational materials and curricula to meet the specific needs of local communities.

We have developed stricter participation criteria because we know the programmes work best when children take part regularly.

We’ve also improved the way we evaluate their impact and will focus on ensuring that the programmes positively highlight nutrition and health knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the children.

Global criteria

  • Assessment of community needs
  • Focus on nutrition education and physical activity for school-age children
  • Expert implementing partners
  • Intensity of the programme to ensure impact
  • Corporate programmes, therefore unrelated to product brands and marketing
  • Programme monitoring and evaluation

Our commitment

We are committed to further expand the Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme to reach 80 countries by 2015.