Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Keyword' search?

It will compare your search criteria to the text in all open job positions.

How can I identify available opportunities?

The Job Search tool allows you to search current open positions by various criteria. It also allows you to save a job search.

I saved a job search. How can I access it?

Click the ‘My jobpage’ at the top of the page and select ‘My saved searches’.

How do I submit my cv/resume without applying for a specific job opportunity?

Click on ‘Access my profile’. Here, you can create your employment profile and submit a general candidate profile.

I have applied online. When will I hear from you?

First you’ll receive a system-generated email confirming receipt of your application. Once you have applied for a position, your information will be available in our Applicant Tracking System. Recruiters will review your resume and assess against the requirements of the position you applied for. You’ll be contacted directly if they are interested. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we’re not able to personally call candidates who aren’t selected to continue.

How do I follow the progress of my applications?

Access ‘My Jobpage’ and select ‘My Applications’. In this section you can view the Submission Status under each completed submission.

How can I upload and/or update my resume to my “Candidate Profile”?

Return to the career site, and log onto the system. Select ‘Access My Profile’ and choose the relevant ‘Edit’ options.

Should I format my resume in a specific way before I attach it to my profile?

It’s not necessary to format your resume in any specific way. Your resume will be maintained in its original format.

Where do I go to update my profile?

To update your resume and/or profile, click the ‘Access my profile’ link.

If I withdraw my application from a job opportunity can I re-apply for the same position?

Yes, if the job is still open for applications. Access ‘My jobpage’, scroll down to ‘Withdrawn Submissions’ and click re-apply.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your information is secured through your user name and personal password. Your information will only be used for recruitment purposes. We will not share your information for any reason, other than as necessary to be considered for open positions.

I want my profile / details to be deleted. How do I do this?

You can have all your details deleted by clicking on ‘My account options’ and selecting Deactivate. In the following message choose the ‘Yes’ box.

I have forgotten my password. How can I obtain my log-in information?

Click the ‘Forgot your password’ link. You will be asked to enter the email address you used to register and your password will be emailed to you.

I have forgotten my user name. How can I obtain my log-in information?

Click the ‘Forgot your user name’ link. You will be asked to enter the email address you used to register and your user name will appear.