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Supporting women in science

Women are seriously under-represented in science across the world. Within Nestlé R&D we're supporting them to unlock their potential and balance their personal and professional lives, as well as inspiring the next generation of women and girls to pursue careers in science.

woman scientist

Women and girls represent half the world's population, and therefore, half its potential. Gender balance is enshrined in our Nestlé-wide Acceleration Plan, and living our organization's diversity is key for our success.

To succeed in science as a young woman, surround yourself with excellence, and don't underestimate yourself. Be self-confident! That's one of the key factors.

Isabelle Bureau-Franz Head of Nestlé Research

Watch the video below to meet some of our talented female scientists from across Nestlé R&D, who work to pioneer and translate deep scientific insights into tangible innovations that unlock the power of food and enhance quality of life.


Within Nestlé R&D and across the company, we are motivated to inspire the next generation of women and girls to follow a scientific career. Because the world needs science, and science needs women!

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