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Our approach to enabling balanced, sustainable diets

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Driving improvement grounded in a global sales target for more nutritious products

We are focused on continually improving the nutritional value of our products. We do so by adding positive nutrients and ingredients such as whole grains as well as reducing sugar, salt, and saturated fat.

In February 2023, we committed to publish a sales target for growing the healthier part of our portfolio, including our plant-based portfolio. This target will be published later this year and builds upon two previous announcements on transparency and marketing that put Nestlé at the very forefront of the industry.

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Leading on transparency regarding the nutritional value of our entire portfolio

Starting in March 2023, we will be the only global food company to report on the nutritional value of our entire portfolio using a single, government-endorsed nutrient profiling system, the Health Star Rating.  In addition, we will also start reporting on local portfolios in 13 countries using their respective government-endorsed front-of-pack labeling systems.


Raising the bar on responsible marketing practices worldwide

Adopting sound eating habits from childhood is key to a healthy diet. To support that work, we have voluntarily expanded the scope of our responsible marketing practices for many years. We are also one of the first major food and beverage companies to restrict marketing to children under the age of 16, applicable worldwide, as from July 2023.   

Leveraging innovation to improve nutritional value across our portfolio

We continue to invest in R&D to help us bring the latest scientific innovations to bear and improve the nutritional value of our products, enabling consumers to access a more balanced and sustainable diet. Our Golden Morn cereal brand was developed this way. It contains locally-sourced whole grains and even 'upcycles' agricultural ingredients from our Milo production. It's also fortified with essential nutrients, such as vitamin A and iron. We also made a commitment to reduce sodium in frequently consumed products by 2025 and 2030. And we are making whole grains the number 1 ingredient in our breakfast cereals.

Expanding our offering of plant-based products

We continue to expand and diversify our offering of plant-based foods and beverages. One such example is Vuna, an alternative to tuna based on pea protein with just six natural ingredients. Another example is Milo Dairy Free Almond in Malaysia, which provides a good source of protein, and meets the Healthier Choice Logo (HCL) criteria.

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Supporting consumers make informed food choices

We provide clear nutrition information on-pack and portion guidance as part of supporting consumers making informed food choices. Where possible, we provide additional, voluntary nutritional information such as Nutri-Score across a number of countries in Europe. The Nutri-Score front-of-pack scheme was developed by independent researchers and is accepted by several countries in Europe.