Nestlé's zero tolerance approach to slavery

coffee farmer

In 2015, an inspection by the Brazilian government found 13 workers without registered contracts on a farm that supplies us, Rancho São Benedito. Nestlé investigated these serious allegations immediately.

Three of these workers had not had medical check-ups, as required by Brazilian law. The government reprimanded the farmer, and we have not identified further labor concerns since.

Nestlé has zero tolerance for slavery. It is illegal and against everything we stand for. All our sourcing partners must comply with our non-negotiable Responsible Sourcing Standard and Nestlé Business Principles, as well as government regulations.

Our suppliers must respect human rights throughout their business activities, and we encourage them to report suspected violations of our sourcing standard or business principles to their Nestlé contact, or confidentially using our Compliance Reporting System, 'Speak Up'.

If our suppliers breach our internal codes, or fail to take corrective action on any violations, we will take measures that include removing them from our supply chain and ending contracts. Our suppliers also regularly consult the government blacklist, and remove any producers from their supply chain that appear on it.