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What is Nestlé's response to the recent ARTE documentary 'La Grande Soif des Multinationales'?

We pride ourselves in being a good water steward wherever we operate. We believe the program is an inaccurate depiction of our activities and does not reflect our efforts to protect shared water resources that benefit local communities or the continued sustainability of our business.

How is Nestlé Waters resolving the landfill issue at the Vosges site?

We will do what is necessary to resolve these waste deposits and implement the most appropriate solutions. We commissioned a company specialized in waste management and remediation strategies to perform a comprehensive environmental assessment of the sites and all results will be shared with the local authorities to jointly determine the most appropriate course of action. The clean-up of five waste deposit sites composed of surface rubble, pallets, and other materials was successfully completed by end November 2021.

What is Nestlé doing to reduce the deficit of the GTI aquifer?

Nestlé Waters is one of many parties withdrawing water from this shared source and resolving the deficit of the GTI aquifer requires a collaborative approach involving all users. Since 2010 we voluntarily reduced our withdrawals from this groundwater table by 46%. We have also set out a roadmap aimed at restoring the water balance of the GTI watershed by 2027. In July 2021, we contacted the Vosges authorities to request to halve the volume of our water withdrawals from the water table under our existing license. This was accepted and is now in force. Nestlé Waters supports all initiatives that promote water balance in the GTI aquifer.

Is bottled water a strategic, long-term priority for Nestlé?

We are focused on growing our international and premium mineral water brands and are investing in differentiated products that deliver healthy hydration, such as functional waters. This strategy aims to deliver long-term profitable growth in the category while appealing to environmentally and health-conscious consumers.

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