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Find the perfect breakfast cereal for your mornings

family having breakfast

Nestlé Breakfast Cereals offers a variety of delicious whole grain breakfast cereals to suit people of all ages and lifestyles. Explore the range and start your day with taste and nutrition.

nesquik logo

Nesquik Cereal

Launched in 1991, Nesquik Cereal is a popular breakfast cereal, known for its delicious chocolatey taste balls that turn milk into chocolate milk.

Made with whole grain, important vitamins and minerals, including iron and calcium, Nesquik Cereal provides children with a tasty and nutritious* way to start the day.

Loved by kids and parents, with Nesquik Cereal great days are created in the morning!

* 30g Nesquik Cereal contains at least 15% RDA of B-vitamins, Iron and Calcium. Vitamin and Mineral content may vary depending on the market.

fitness logo


At Fitness, we believe that pleasure is the best fuel for sport. When you enjoy something, in sport just like in breakfast, you tend to stick with it!

That's why Fitness finds the great balance between nutritious* and tasty, so that you can enjoy it every morning.

With whole grain wheat and whole grain oats, we offer delicious, crunchy flakes, granola, and bars that come in a wide variety of tastes.

Give your day an enjoyable start with Fitness Cereal.

* Vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

cheerios logo


Ever since its initial launch in the US by General Mills in 1941, Cheerios is making families happy at breakfast!

Its crunchy little O's offer your family a breakfast that delivers not just a great taste, but also whole grains, vitamins and minerals and no artificial colors or flavors!

Cheerios helps making breakfast more wholesome and fun for the entire family!

lion cereals logo

Lion Cereals

The crunchy and irresistible mix of indulgent chocolate, delicious caramel, and whole grain makes Lion Cereals the king of breakfast!

Lion Cereals offers you a delicious breakfast to satisfy your cravings: making you ROAR every morning!

cini minis logo

Cini Minis

There's only one way of describing Cini Minis: Crazily irresistible! Its delightful cinnamon taste covering each crunchy square, it's all about giving into the craving with a breakfast cereal made from whole grain and essential vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy a taste sensation for breakfast with a Cini Minis.

kitkat cereal logo

KitKat Cereal

When mornings call for a break, enjoy KitKat Cereal for breakfast. Delight your tastebuds with the unique flavor and texture of KitKat Cereal: a delicious combination of milk chocolate and wafer taste, in a crunchy cereal!

As well as being oh-so chocolatey and tasty, these crunchy cereal are made with wholegrain and are a source of vitamins and minerals.

Pour a bowl, enjoy the exquisite experience, and start your day the best way, feeling good and smiling!

Have a break, have a KitKat Cereal!

chocapic logo


Created in 1984, you all know the story of Chocapic. One day, a wave of chocolate flooded a field of whole grain wheat. Et Paf! It made Chocapic!

Loved for its strong chocolate taste in a unique petal shape cereal, it's made from responsibly grown whole grain wheat and contains important vitamins and minerals.

Chocapic is a nutritious* and tasty breakfast to start the day joyfully.

* 30g of Chocapic Cereal contain at least 15% RDA of 5 vitamins and 2 minerals. Vitamin and Mineral content may vary depending on the market.

koko krunch logo

Koko Krunch

These crunchy and unique bear shape cereals are made with whole grain, the Koko Krunch strong chocolaty taste, and vitamins and minerals.

A great and yummy combination to start every day's adventures!

* 30g of Koko Krunch Cereal contain at least 15% RDA of 5 vitamins and 2 minerals. Vitamin and Mineral content may vary depending on the market.

shreddies logo


With four layers of whole grain wheat, weaved into delicious malty, milk-loving squares, Shreddies Original gives you a satisfyingly crunchy bite at breakfast!

These square cereals are made with whole grain, are high in fibre and fortified with vitamins and iron, to help your family get the nutrition they need every day.*

* Iron contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

shredded wheat logo

Shredded Wheat Original

Known for being a classic breakfast cereal, Shredded Wheat Original is made with just one ingredient: delicious whole grain wheat, sown and grown on farms around Britain.

This versatile cereal is also high in fibre, low in fat, sugar and salt.

Enjoy our breakfast classic your way every day; whether just with milk or with added seasonal fruits.

corn flakes logo

Corn Flakes

With Corn Flakes you'll be surprised with the delicious taste of a bowl of crispy flakes made from golden corn.

Not only do Corn Flakes serve up a tasty breakfast, but they also contain vitamins, and minerals for a nutritious* option to start the day!

* Vitamin and Mineral content may vary depending on the market.