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A better future for cocoa farmers and their families

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan is Nestlé’s way of helping create a better future for cocoa farmers, their families and communities. 

Our work to-date, and indeed our future aim, is to help cocoa farmers have productive and profitable farms that respect the environment and provide a good quality of life.

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan helps consumers understand where chocolate comes from and how it is made – from the cocoa farm to you. 

As one of the world’s biggest chocolate producers, operating in more than 32 countries, it has always been important for us to help tackle challenges facing the cocoa industry. These include poor living and working conditions, poor quality cocoa harvests and declining cocoa production. 

Through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan we believe we can help make a difference through initiatives such as:

  • Provision of high-quality cocoa plantlets. These help farmers revitalise their crops with disease-resistant, higher-producing trees. This minimises the amount of land required for cocoa farming and improves farmers’ earning potential.
  • Farmer training on a variety of topics including good pruning and harvesting practices.
  • Reducing the complexity of the supply chain and speeding up the processing of raw cocoa beans, thus directly helping the farming cooperatives.
  • Social projects, such as building schools and providing water wells. As a founding member of the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) we support efforts to ensure children have access to education.

To learn more visit the Nestlé Cocoa Plan website.