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Woman hugging her dog

We believe that feeding time should be a magical moment for you and your pet, wherever you are in the world. That's why our local brands provide options from complete and balanced food for all life stages, to treats for when your pet deserves that little something extra special.

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man holding dog
man holding dog
alpo logo


Every Alpo dog food recipe is made with high-quality ingredients and offers 100% complete and balanced adult dog nutrition.

So you can be sure your dog is getting all the nutrition he needs along with all that meaty flavor he loves.

bakers logo


The Bakers story begins way back in 1851 when Edward Baker set up a family flour business.

Fast forward to 1991 when Bakers Complete was launched, because Edward Baker believed that dry dog food should be every bit as tasty as it is nutritious. Each meal contains the everyday nutrients your dog needs to get on with all the playful & cheeky things that happy & healthy Bakers dogs do!

beggin logo


Treat your dog to the savory, meaty taste of PURINA Beggin' dog treats. Beggin' are mouthwatering dog treats with an aroma that bacon-craving dogs love.

Dogs just can't sit still when the smell of Beggin' is in the air! They wiggle, they dance, they lick their chops in anticipation of this meaty treat, made with REAL bacon!

beneful logo


At Beneful we believe that the best dog food recipes are those that both dogs and their owners can get excited about.

No matter which recipe is on the menu, you can always count on wholesome ingredients you know and mouthwatering real flavor your dog will love.

beyond logo


Beyond's natural dog food recipes are created to help your dog thrive, with purposeful ingredients and added vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

 Discover our limited ingredient recipes, options with nourishing superfoods, USDA organic recipes, and mixers for digestive and immune support.

busy bone logo

Busy Bone

Bring chew-rific fun to your best buddy's day with PURINA Busy Bone dog bones and chew treats.

Available in small, medium and large sizes and a variety of shapes and textures, including long-lasting options, Busy Bone makes it simple to delight every dog in your pack. Select from chews made with real beefhide or easily digestible, rawhide-free alternatives, and let your dog get lost in his own Busy world.

lilis kitchen logo

Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen is dedicated to providing proper food for pets, with a commitment to treading carefully on the planet and actively engaging in our community.

We honor the special relationship between people and their pets and will always champion causes that bring our vision to life.

merrick logo


The Merrick story began over 30 years ago. Our main goal was, and always has been, to make the best pet food possible.

We use premium ingredients from real, whole foods for superior nutrition and delicious taste. We're all about staying true to our roots and the vision and beliefs that started it all.

supercoat logo


At Supercoat, we pride ourselves on our heritage and we have continued to build on our high-quality nutrition for over 30 years.

Supercoat understands all dogs are unique and what they need to be at their healthy best. And that's why the experts at Supercoat developed Smartblend, a precise combination of high-quality natural ingredients blended with real meat, plus 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Nourish your dog with the tailored nutrition they need to bring out their best.

terra canis logo

Terra Canis

Dogs cannot be lumped together; every animal is different. Its demands of nutrition are as individual as its character.

Good dog food takes the breed, age and state of health of the dog into account. In the Terra Canis product range, you can find tailored food lines, from puppy food, adult food and senior food to hypoallergenic and grain-free dog food for food intolerances and light dog food for overweight dogs. In addition, there are fruit, vegetable and herb mixes for a low-purine diet, baked or air-dried, non cold-pressed dry food as complete food, healthy snacks as well as dietary supplements such as oils, pastes and superfoods, with which you can easily compile an optimal nutrition plan for your pet. Take advantage of our knowledge and long-standing experience in the development of the best food.

tidy cats logo

Tidy Cats

Our history began when Ed Lowe invented litter in 1947, and reinventing litter has been our focus ever since.

Combining our 70+ years of litter expertise with everything we learn from you, we're proud to keep growing our innovative portfolio of cat litter products, from clumping litter to natural litter to complete litter systems and beyond.

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