Creating affordable access to protein

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Sep 18, 2012, updated September 2012

Creating affordable access to protein
DOOR-TO-DOOR:Fatoumata Thiouna (left), buys Nido Essentia products from Keita Fatoumata, who is a door-to-door saleswoman.

Nearly 70 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s 700 million people live on less than USD 4 per day, and millions of African parents struggle to provide their children with nutritionally balanced foods. While many families produce carbohydrate-rich staple crops, such as maize and rice, they often lack affordable access to milk, meat, and fish. These products provide children with the essential proteins and fats that they need for healthy growth and development.

Programme description

To help West African parents offer their children a more balanced diet, Nestlé has created a whole milk product, NIDO Essentia®, that is sold in affordably packaged units. Unlike milk products that use a mixture of reconstituted skim milk powder and vegetable oils, NIDO Essentia is made with full cream and includes a complete complement of milk-based proteins.

In Benin, Gambia, and Guinea, Nestlé partners with small entrepreneurs who sell NIDO Essentia door-to-door or through small retail shops based in low-income communities. This grassroots approach to marketing and distribution increases income-earning opportunities for large numbers of women entrepreneurs, and it has helped NIDO Essentia achieve 80 percent penetration across rural and urban markets since its introduction.

Value to Society

Nestlé is also working with Guinea’s public education system to improve the health and wellness of the nation’s primary school students through donations of NIDO Essentia to school-based nutrition programs. This partnership can help Guinea make progress toward its Millennium Development Goals for maternal and child health and invest in the potential of the nation’s youngest citizens.

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