Dairy development

Location: China

Impact Area

  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Community engagement
  • Gender balance & diversity
Sep 18, 2012, updated September 2012

Dairy development
DAIRY DEVELOPMENT:Nestlé’s investments in China over the last two decades include a state-of-the-art milk processing plant in Inner Mongolia.

Our milk factory in Hulunbeir, inaugurated in July 2007, is situated in an area of high-quality natural grasslands, on which 5,600 farmers graze their cows. The factory provides a reliable market for locally produced fresh milk, which is used to meet the rising local demand for milk powder and other dry, condensed and evaporated dairy products.

Programme description

Nestlé buys fresh milk from some 25,000 Chinese dairy farmers and provides them with an overall income of around CHF 500,000 per day. These farmers supply three Nestlé factories in the country.

Value to Society

Nestlé also provides 54 collection centres in the milk district, 12 of which have chilling facilities, and aims to transfer milk from each chilling centre to the factory within two hours. Technical assistance is also offered to help the farmers to increase the quality, quantity and efficiency of their production.

Value to Nestlé

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