eTrucks help green urban deliveries in Switzerland

Location: Switzerland

Impact Area

  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Community engagement
  • Gender balance & diversity
Sep 3, 2013, updated September 2013

eTrucks help green urban deliveries in Switzerland
Nestlé eTruck:One part of the Frisco-Findus approach to reducing its CO2 emissions

To help reduce its CO2 emissions and environmental footprint, in 2012, Nestlé launched the world's first 100% electric vehicles for frozen distribution across Switzerland.

Programme description

The two groundbreaking e-trucks are used by Nestlé Switzerland to deliver its frozen products and significantly lower CO2 emissions (by 95%) while maintaining the highest standards of food quality

The trucks' engines and refrigerators of are powered entirely by electricity, making them quiet and emission free, ideal for urban deliveries. The two vehicles can carry 3 tonnes of ice cream and refrigerated products and supply up to 50 sales outlets every day over a distance of between 60 and 130km.

The eTruck is one part of the Frisco-Findus approach to reducing its CO2 emissions. Also part of the mix are: optimized delivery routes and scheduling; increased use of rail for long distance deliveries; regular safe driving training and bonuses; and ongoing health and safety and leadership training for Swiss-based employees that supports sustainable developments.

Using Green electricity will also be part of the equation. Nestlé has installed several thousand square metres of photovoltaic panels on a number of its Swiss administrative buildings, providing enough energy to run the equivalent of 30 electric trucks for a whole year.

Value to Society

By investing in the latest technologies to reduce the environmental impact of product transportation and optimize delivery routes, Nestlé is using fewer resources and significantly lowering its CO2 emissions. This helps keep the environment cleaner for everyone. Using eTrucks is also lowering noise pollution.

Value to Nestlé

The reduction in resources required to safely deliver its products, helps Nestlé save time, energy and costs. By involving employees in the solution, Nestlé is also creating a more rewarding work place environment for its people.

Next Steps

The eTrucks are not currently available on the market. They are part of Renault Trucks' ongoing research into developing and testing different solutions to improve goods transport. Nestlé is working closely with Renault Trucks to test these vehicles and validate the latest generations of batteries, optimise components and seek the most favourable compromises before going on to a new stage of research into this type of vehicle.