Food Coaching Nestlé

Location: Italy

Impact Area

  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Community engagement
  • Gender balance & diversity
Sep 3, 2013, updated September 2013

Food Coaching Nestlé
INTELLIGENT EATING:Food Coaching teaches healthy eating and tips for staying fit.

In recent years, thanks to revolutions in communication, consumers have become more active players, requiring information, clarity and trust from companies, as well as demanding an equal exchange where feedback is always taken into consideration.

At the same time the evolution of food education campaigns has sensitized society to the importance of learning nutritional guidelines at an early age. In this new scenario, companies, institutions and large retailers have to reconsider and modify their positioning in order to move from one-way communication to a two-way dialogue in order to involve consumers so the companies can satisfy consumers needs.

Programme description

The innovative Food Coaching philosophy doesn’t mean “to be on a diet” or to be athletic. Food Coaching (FC) means to take care of yourself and of the people around you following the principles of healthy eating and staying fit.  The objective is to reach, involve and engage consumers in an emotional, direct and emphatic way through a social campaign that includes nutritional education but also healthy food habits and physical activity, necessary elements to maintain a balanced lifestyle. The strategy is to create an innovative concept that would target a new group of consumers but also reinforce Nestlé’s relationship with its loyal consumers in a unique way. First of all identifying the influencers responsible for the nutritional choices in families, neighborhoods and communities to Create: a new model of experience, more peer-to-peer, where even young people can be a model for adults to create a new community for consumers who want to be involved in this project.

The program includes different steps:

  • Engagement: Four bloggers became the first Food Coaches as the ambassadors of the project: a “food” expert mum, a trendy grandmother, a famous stay-a-home dad and a very creative mum. These four bloggers compose the new FC family.
  • Training: Transfer Nestlé’s knowledge about health, food and good nutritional habits to the four ambassadors through training sessions with Nestlé experts but also through Nestlé Research Center documents, nutritionists’ dossiers and all the information about alimentation and a correct lifestyle.
  • Scouting: a Photo Research Project to compare Italian nutritional habits between the north, the center and the south of Italy by taking pictures of locals engaging in food. Through this experience, Nestlé was able to directly and emotionally connect with a younger audience.
  • Community: The Food Coaches created an online Food Coaching community through the new FC website, where their blogs and sharing their personal experience and relationships helped spread the FC approach. The new Food Coaching website has become the heart of the project.
  • Events: Spread FC knowledge through several Nestlé activities for different targets: food workshops for families at the National Science Museum of Milan and  a talk show on streaming radio on “How to Properly Read Food Labels” for moms in partnership with Moms on the Radio.
  • Media: Media activity supported all the phases of the project and is still ongoing. The project and the FC website was launched through a press media conference and the four ambassadors were the panel of speakers during the presentation.

Value to Society

To transmit the correct principles of nutrition health and wellness in a peer-to-peer manner through a digital platform accessible to everyone.

Value to Nestlé

To transfer an innovative concept that would target a new group of consumers but also reinforce Nestlé’s relationship with its loyal consumers in a unique way. Through the Food Coaching project, Nestlé is making its communication more proactive, personal, as well as informational.

Next Steps