Lean Cuisine and weight management

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Sep 18, 2012, updated September 2012

Lean Cuisine and weight management
EVERYDAY FOOD:In response to a growing demand for calorie-controlled meals with excellent taste, Nestlé introduced the Lean Cuisine range.

In response to a growing demand for calorie-controlled meals with excellent taste, Nestlé introduced the Lean Cuisine brand in 1981 in the USA. With more than 100 carefully prepared frozen entreés, pizzas and dinners, Lean Cuisine has become the second largest diet brand behind Diet Coke and one of Nestlé’s most successful US brands. It is also sold in Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Programme description

All products in the Lean Cuisine range contain less than 10g fat, 4.5g or less saturated fat and less than 95mg cholesterol. They also contain between 150 and 410 calories, and as a result of product reformulation, 36 million extra servings of vegetables have been added to the American diet through Lean Cuisine products since 2007.

Although Lean Cuisine is an everyday food choice, its contribution to nutritional balance and portion control is regarded favourably by many members of the healthcare community. The Cleveland Clinic is a recognised leader in clinical care, including nutrition. Last year, dietitians there ordered 248,000 Lean Cuisine meals for their Cleveland Clinic patients. Nestlé’s industry leadership grows with the success of products like Lean Cuisine, which meets standards established for patient nutrition at organisations such as the Cleveland Clinic.

Value to Society

Lean Cuisine also:

  • Sponsors the Healthcare Professional Toolkit, developed by the non-profit organization America On the Move Foundation, which gives healthcare professionals the information and tools they need to motivate their patients to take 2,000 extra steps a day and cut 100 calories from their daily diet
  • Partners the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s “Fruits & Veggies – More Matters”® initiative, which promotes eating more fruit and vegetables for better health
  • Joined renowned exercise physiologist, personal trainer and Best Life Diet™ author Bob Greene in helping women to make lasting lifestyle changes to improve their health. Lean Cuisine has 85 Lean Cuisine varieties have been awarded the Best Life™ seal of approval

Value to Nestlé

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