Recognising female role models

Location: Philippines

Impact Area

  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Community engagement
  • Gender balance & diversity
Oct 23, 2015, updated October 2015

To mark International Women’s Day in 2014, Nestlé Philippines launched the ‘Women Movers’ awards, an initiative to raise awareness of the contribution women make to its business.

The first awards attracted 12 nominees from its head office in Makati. In 2015 this grew to 52 nominees from across all sites and factories.

Programme description

The ‘Women Movers’ awards were designed to bring the work of Nestlé’s local gender balance programmes together and recognise the many inspiring women in the business.

The name, ‘Women Movers’, highlights the fact that often those women who influence and inspire others are not leaders, but come from many levels, roles and backgrounds. Women from any part of the company can be nominated.

Every year, managers or peers nominate women in their area who they believe are positive or encouraging role models. By capturing and sharing stories about their personal and professional achievements at work, in the community and at home, Nestlé Philippines can spread the positive and encouraging influence of nominees even further.

Female role models
Nestlé Philippines’ first female Industrial Services Operator, Malyn Barona-Espanol

“In 2015, we received almost five times as many nominations as we did the first year we ran the awards,” said Josephine C. Dumlao, Project Executive, Human Resources, Nestlé Philippines. “The intention of the Women Movers Committee was to draw up a shortlist. However, when we read through the stories, we were so impressed with what our women were achieving and how many colleagues were going far beyond what is expected of them in their role that we decided to recognise and award all those nominated."

Senator Pia Cayetano was invited as a guest speaker at a ceremony held at the Nestlé Philippines head office. A champion of women’s rights, health and education, and the youngest woman ever to be elected to the Philippine Senate, Senator Pia shared her own inspiring story with Nestlé employees.

Malyn Barona-Espanol, from the Nestlé Cabuyao Factory, is Nestlé’s first female Industrial Services Operator in the Philippines. Despite her success in this challenging role, she told in her acceptance speech how she never expected to be nominated by her supervisor. “I am overwhelmed. Whatever they see in me, I promise to continue. To all the other women employees out there, let us always believe in ourselves, be open to challenges, and embrace opportunities. Let us all strive to be Women Movers in whatever function or role we have.”

Value to Society

Through ‘Women Movers’, Nestlé Philippines is raising awareness of the breadth of skills and talents of its female employees and the valuable contribution they make. This is giving positive role models for others to follow, both within Nestlé and in the surrounding communities.

Value to Nestlé

Diversity is important to Nestlé. A workforce that reflects the reality of the world enables the company to benefit from the different viewpoints, ideas and market insights, which ultimately result in better problem-solving and decision-making.

Recognising women within the organisation is an important step in encouraging greater diversity and ensuring that all employees are valued for their individual talents and contribution, beyond any other factors such as gender, sexual preference or situation.

These awards help women feel valued within the organisation and give managers confidence in the abilities of their female staff.

Next Steps

The ‘Women Movers’ awards will continue to take place on an annual basis.