Reducing sugar in Nesquik

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Sep 18, 2012, updated September 2012

Reducing sugar in <em>Nesquik</em>
Product Development:Consumer research and product development have led to a reduced-sugar, lower-fat Nesquik that children love.

While we have comprehensive policies in place for the systematic reduction of all public-health sensitive nutrients, including sugars (issued in 2007, updated in 2014), we are also driven by our consumers’ needs, and use our worldwide research to provide the products that they want.

Programme description

In the United States, the National School Lunch programme ensures children receive a lunchtime meal that falls within dietary guidelines. School dietitians can teach children about the nutrients that are important for their health, as well as provide them with a balanced diet in the cafeteria.

This has led to the development of an eight-ounce 100-calorie Nesquik. The portion size is appropriate for children, the fat content and the sugar levels are reduced and the milk provides a range of essential vitamins and nutrients, yet the product retains the flavour and creamy texture that children like.

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