Nestlé Healthy Kids

Location: Turkey

Impact Area

  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Community engagement
  • Gender balance & diversity
Oct 9, 2013, updated March 2015

Nestlé Healthy Kids
Healthy Kids Turkey:Beslenebilirim encourages kids to adopt healthy habits early on in life.

The double burden of under-nutrition and obesity is evident in Turkey according to recent statistics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that over 15% of children under the age of five in Turkey are stunted in growth, which may be the result of a lack of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A , Zinc, Iron or Iodine.

Obesity is also prevalent in the country, with childhood obesity at 6.5% and children that are overweight at 14.3%, according to WHO statistics.

Programme description

In 2012, Nestlé launched its Nutrition Training Programme Beslenebilirim – I learn nutrition – to help primary schoolchildren learn about the value of healthy eating, good nutrition skills, physical activity and form healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

The programme was aimed at children aged nine years old.

It was delivered through six themed chapters, providing children with basic nutrition information and practical tips to help them develop good nutrition habits through fun and interactive educational material.

Nestlé continues to support the Ministry of Education’s guidelines on schooling and curriculum, after a memorandum of understanding was signed in 2009, and will be again in 2015.

As part of the programme, the company is also working with Medipol University and Hacettepe University consulting on their expertise and scientific knowledge.

University experts helped Nestlé to develop the Beslenebilirim student book, which was approved by the Ministry of Education.

Other lesson materials included specially designed cartoon characters that represent each food group, activity cards, posters, and online and real games.

To further engage children, workshops, contests and conferences were organised to boost learning, and encourage healthy eating and physical activity.

The initiative also reached out to parents through letters, seminars and invitations to provide regular feedback.

During the programme, experts, academics and nutritionists from Medipol University provided training and guidance to about 63 schoolteachers as part of the ‘Training of Trainers’ meetings in 2014.

This formed a strong nutrition knowledge base for the ‘expert’ teachers to then provide training to other teachers and parents at the schools.

Value to Society

So far the Beslenebilirim programme has reached about 18,000 children, 36,000 parents and 483 teachers in two years.

The project has been implemented in 53 schools in 13 cities.

Assessments noted that teachers improved on their nutrition knowledge after the ‘Training of Trainers’ sessions. The pre- and post evaluations showed a 21.4% increase in the level of knowledge among the students.

Value to Nestlé

The programme establishes a global competitive advantage and demonstrates Nestlé’s commitment to address health issues globally; and has a positive impact on Nestlé’s reputation as a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company.

Next Steps

Nestlé aims to continue working with the Ministry of Education to further develop the programme.

The Beslenebilirim initiative looks set to observe the development of the schoolchildren through a pilot programme as part of a more in-depth analysis approach.