Our commitment

our commitment

Targeting a positive water impact by regenerating local water cycles.

Climate change, higher water consumption, growing urbanization and damaged infrastructure are some of the factors contributing to the deterioration of the natural water cycle. These trends are interfering with the predictability of precipitation and the availability of clean water. Additionally, rising temperatures and more extreme weather patterns are causing more flooding and droughts.

We will expand our current efforts to manage water sustainably beyond our own waters operations and increase our collaboration with partners to identify and support local solutions.

We will use our expertise to help advance the regeneration of local water cycles through the implementation of more than 100 projects for our 48 waters sites by 2025 and invest CHF 120 million to assist the implementation of these projects. As of 2025 onwards, these projects will help nature retain more water than our waters business uses in its operations.

These new, measurable actions will support better water management and infrastructure.

For years, we have championed good water stewardship, including committing to certifying all our water sites to the AWS standard by 2025. Our water regeneration commitment is a new milestone on our journey. It goes beyond our own operations to help with local shared water challenges. It is a long-term ambition to transform our approaches to water management where we operate.

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