Our people

We aim to empower people, especially women and young people, and provide opportunities for their economic growth and development. To do this, we sustain a high-performance culture, supported by a total rewards approach and people development that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth.

Organisational structure

Human Resources

Our Human Resources (HR) structure is based on three dedicated areas:

  • Centres of expertise – provide specialised services to the business;
  • Business partners – embed HR strategies within specific areas of the business; and
  • Employee services – provide HR support to all business functions.

Strategic responsibility for governance lies with Peter Vogt, Deputy Executive Vice President, Head of Human Resources and Centre Administration, while final accountability rests with our Executive Board and our CEO.

Safety and health management

In 2016, we updated our Safety and Health Roadmap, which sets out Nestlé’s strategic vision for safety and health performance until the end of 2018. It focuses on four strategic priorities:

  • Everyone engaged;
  • Key risks managed;
  • Our passion for nutrition, health and wellness; and
  • Management processes.

In 2015, we also revised our mandatory standard for Safety, Health and Environmental Incident Reporting & Investigation, providing a framework for more consistent reporting. It ensures we continue to have a clear and well-established procedure for defining and reporting all types of incidents.

We track and analyse our safety and health performance regularly during the year, using a combination of leading and lagging indicators. In addition, incidents that are classified as major (as per our procedure) are communicated within 24 hours to senior management at local sites, as well as at the Group head office. This initial announcement is followed by a detailed investigation report.

In our monthly Executive Board meetings, a review of work-related fatalities is included. In addition, all new global programmes are approved by a member of the EBM at final draft stage. Our Nestlé Framework for Employee Health helps to structure and focus existing efforts, promote proven practices, ensure cross-fertilisation and guide future developments in our markets and at a global level.

We leverage digital communications by regularly posting relevant safety and health articles, films and initiatives around the world onto our Chatter (internal social media platform) group called “We make Nestlé Safe”. It is an open digital forum for sharing ideas and global best practices.

Our policies and standards

We ask all our people to live by the values and principles of Nestlé, regardless of their position in the organisation. It is an approach supported by a number of policies, codes and principles, designed to engender mutual respect, personal development and safe working:

Our Maternity Protection Policy, which covers our employees worldwide, is estimated to be one of the most progressive programmes of its kind in the industry. It is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) Maternity Protection Convention and establishes minimum standards that must be implemented at Nestlé workplaces by 2018. It forms part of our commitment to the UN’s Every Woman, Every Child, the Clinton Global Initiative and the UN Global Compact. Learn more about the policy (pdf, 1.45Mb).

As well as complying with national laws, we expect all Nestlé business entities to respect internationally recognised human rights standards, as set out in:

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