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Our Confectionery category includes the iconic global brand KitKat and a large portfolio of much‑loved local brands. We have continued to focus on innovation and premiumization in the category. In line with our aim to provide consumers with healthier options, we launched MilkyBar Wowsomes, a new chocolate bar with 30% less sugar based on Nestlé’s breakthrough technology of micro‑aerated sugar.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 8.1 billion
UTOP: 17.3%
8.9% of Nestlé’s sales

A world first in chocolate: KitKat

KitKat Ruby is the world’s first naturally ruby-colored chocolate bar, offering consumers a completely new and innovative chocolate experience. What makes the ruby chocolate special is the intense taste it achieves without the addition of any flavor or color.

Creating new brand experiences beyond the moment of consumption: KitKat Chocolatory

The KitKat Chocolatory temporary pop‑up format has continued to expand across new markets. The approach is a showcase for brand building through immersive, personalized experience that goes beyond the moment of consumption.

Premiumization through personalization: Quality Street

Quality Street now allows consumers to customize their own sweet mix and personalize each tin. By collaborating with select retailers, the brand has generated significant consumer excitement and social media buzz. This approach has opened up new growth opportunities for a traditionally seasonal product.

Reducing sugar content through our breakthrough facets technology: Milkybar

Milkybar Wowsomes is our first product to market to leverage our breakthrough micro‑aeration technology to reduce sugar content by 30%. This innovation opens up new opportunities in indulgence by providing a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Innovating with local hero brands: Rossiya and Talento

Rossiya (Russia) and Garoto’s Talento (Brazil) latest product innovations match local favorites with a new, layered fruit, nut and dark chocolate format that is strongly visually‑differentiated. Talento is also the first mainstream, clean label organic chocolate in Brazil giving it specific appeal to millennials.

A new all‑natural brand created by an internal start‑up: Yes!

Yes!, Nestlé’s new brand of vegetarian, gluten‑free snack bars, was developed from concept to launch in nine months. The brand is positioned to capture the rapid growth in healthy snacking. Using tasty combinations of wholesome ingredients, Yes! delivers great texture and novel flavors such as lemon and quinoa to create meaningful product differentiation.