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Milk products and Ice cream

Milk products, particularly our ambient dairy products under the Nido brand, are a key pillar of our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. We leverage our scientific and nutritional expertise to provide individuals and families with dairy products to support healthy diets for all stages of life, from early childhood to old age. Our coffee creamer business is based on constant innovation with our market‑leading brand, Coffee Mate. In Ice cream, we have a wide range of delicious, indulgent products, from affordable price points to premium offerings such as Häagen‑Dazs.

Milk products and Ice cream

At a glance

Sales: CHF 13.2 billion
UTOP: 19.1%
14.5% of Nestlé’s sales

Expanding our affordable nutrition range: Nido and Ninho

Nido is well‑positioned as a trusted brand in the area of affordable nutrition with a range of products tailored to the evolving nutritional needs of growing children. The addition of this lactose‑free format reflects our commitment to providing parents everywhere with nutritional solutions for the specific needs of their children.

New formats broaden appeal to capture snacking and vegan trend: Häagen‑Dazs

The non‑dairy bar is a unique, first‑to‑market format that aligns this superpremium brand with rising demand for vegan and flexitarian ice cream options. The addition of the new cookie format also opens up new opportunities for the brand in the sandwich segment.

Extending into superpremium: Coffee Mate

The launch of Natural Bliss Artisan Café creamer reinforces Coffee Mate’s growing reputation for clean label, healthier creamers. By using rapid prototyping and exotic premium ingredients, the development team were able to fast‑track Natural Bliss’s entry into the super premium segment.

Capturing gaps in the market: Drumstick

Drumstick Mini Drums mini cones are the latest addition to our portfolio of snack‑sized treats. We were first to market with a format that meets growing demand for convenience and portion‑control. At less than 140 calories per treat, the product has proven a big hit with both parents and those looking for permissible indulgence.

Reshaping the premium snack market: Outshine

Outshine’s new formulation leverages on‑trend flavors and the brand’s fruit‑first approach to ingredients to create a range of refreshing, “snack brighter” offerings. This latest launch reinforces its role in pioneering a new snacking segment. Reflecting consumer appetite for natural, wholesome indulgence, the range is free from corn syrup, artificial colors, fat and gluten. This product is also non‑GMO and vegan.

Expanding our plant‑based non‑dairy options: Nesfit and Carnation

New offerings from Nesfit and Carnation reflect portfolio‑wide efforts to expand our range of non‑dairy alternatives. Nesfit products are made from wholesome wholegrains while Carnation’s new range offers a non‑dairy cooking solution that does not compromise on rich, creamy flavors.