Milk products and Ice cream

Nido product

We continued to transform our portfolio to reflect changing consumer needs in dairy and dairy‑free options. We introduced more value‑added and alternative products such as organic, yoghurt, plant‑based and lactose‑free while reducing sugar and improving fortification.

Our affordable dairy ranges help meet the nutritional requirements of children in developing countries. New product launches in Asia included Bear Brand Yogu, a fortified ready‑to‑drink solution for school snacking with the goodness of milk, yoghurt and fruit juice.

With a growing need for products that address specific dietary needs, Nido added several new products including: Nido FortiGrow low lactose, tailored to the nutritional needs of school‑age children who have difficulties in digesting lactose; Nido Nature’s Benefits, the first organic proposition of the range, and Nido GoldenStart, a breakfast on‑the‑go solution in ready‑to‑drink format.

Consumers are looking for more plant‑based dairy‑free options. Coffee Mate natural bliss brought to market a number of all‑natural plant‑based innovations and flavours, including almond milk and coconut milk. In the US, Coffee Mate Liquid developed a more premium range for the brand.

Our ice cream and frozen desserts ranges include local brands such as Dreyer’s, Outshine, 5Rams, Extrême and Mövenpick, as well the premium brand Häagen‑Dazs in North America. In 2017, Häagen‑Dazs opened its first ever pop‑up shop in Canada, while in the US it launched four non‑dairy products. These offer indulgent, dairy‑free flavours with a creamier texture and an authentic taste.

2017 was the first full year of operation of our newly-created ice cream joint venture, Froneri. We have successfully developed the business partnership and started to realise operational and commercial synergies. Froneri is continuously investing in priority brands and further driving confectionery brand extensions into ice cream. This year, we launched a refreshing stick under the Mövenpick label in Switzerland, made with 100% natural ingredients. It combines a mango and passion fruit coating with an indulgent, creamy ice cream.

We know healthy cows make healthy milk. Through the Dairy for You programme, our agronomists work on quality assurance with more than 350 000 farmers to provide the best‑quality milk. Together with farmers, we continuously improve animal welfare practices on dairy farms.