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Nestlé Health Science produces almost a billion science-based nutritional solutions per year across its portfolio. Its Consumer Care range is designed for people who want to live active lives but struggle to get the right nutrition. The Medical Nutrition range helps address a wide range of health conditions from paediatric allergies to inborn errors of metabolism, from obesity to malnutrition amongst older people. Novel Therapeutic Nutrition is investing, through partnerships, in the development of nutritional therapies, aiming to bring forward clinically proven innovations in brain and gastrointestinal health, supported by diagnostics solutions.

As more infants are recognised to be intolerant to cow’s milk, Nestlé Health Science has developed a comprehensive range of formulas for infants with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). These include Alfamino, Althéra and Alfaré. To complement the range, it has also developed an awareness tool to help doctors recognise the allergies earlier and invested in the development of a patch-test to diagnose CMPA.

As part of our commitment to advance the therapeutic role of nutrition, Nestlé Health Science provides nutritional solutions for healthy aging. The product ranges include Boost in North America, Mexico and Asia; Meritene in Europe; Nutren Senior in Brazil, and Sustagen in Australia and New Zealand. With digestive sensitivities becoming increasingly common, Nestlé Health Science launched ProNourish, the first nutritional drink of its kind for people suffering from digestive sensitivities. An online resource hub provides information, dietary advice and recipes.