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NaturNes product

Good nutrition in the first 1000 days from conception through pregnancy and up to a child’s second birthday has a profound impact on long-term growth and development, providing a unique window of opportunity to set the foundation for a healthy future. We support and promote breastfeeding as it is the best start a baby can have in life. In cases when breastfeeding is not possible due to medical or physical conditions, infant formula is the only breast-milk substitute recognised by the World Health Organisation. Nestlé Nutrition provides high-quality, innovative, science-proven nutrition for mothers and infants to help them start healthy and stay healthy during the critical first 1000 days. We are committed to the highest standards of responsible marketing of breast-milk substitutes.

We provide a wide range of infant formulas and complementary foods such as infant cereals, meals and drinks, and growing-up milks. Our BabyNes system, now available in five countries, is the first advanced nutrition system for infants and toddlers that offers age-specific, single-serve formulas for children up to the age of three years.

Our products contain high-quality, carefully selected ingredients fortified with nutrients to meet the specific needs of infants and young children.