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Nestlé Skin Health provides prescription drugs, aesthetic and corrective solutions, and consumer skin health products. These include innovative components from moisturisers to sunscreen, medical aesthetic procedures to medicines used to treat serious conditions such as skin cancer.

2016 was a year of expansion, with new product launches and the roll-out of flagship brands. Nestlé Skin Health announced a global licensing agreement with a new partner, Chugai, for Nemolizumab, a new treatment being developed for atopic dermatitis. Epiduo Forte acne treatment was given a ‘Positive Opinion’ by 16 European regulatory agencies and, in the US, Differin Gel became the only over-the-counter product with a prescription-strength retinoid, giving people access to this acne treatment without a doctor’s prescription. In creating The Proactiv Company, Nestlé Skin Health placed its expertise in skin health behind one of the world’s leading non-prescription acne brands, Proactiv.

Skin health research and innovation is at the core of the business. The newly established New York flagship Skin Health Investigation, Education and Longevity Development (SHIELD) centre is leading the way. Nestlé Skin Health is working to promote skin health education and advance key health issues, like aging or the rise of antimicrobial resistance. Promoting good skin health, it also announced an exclusive global sun-care partnership with the men’s professional tennis body, the ATP, for the Daylong brand.