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Nutrition and Health Science

Our nutrition business includes infant formula and baby food. The strength of our portfolio in these high‑growth categories is built on leading science and strong positions in emerging markets. Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) is an additional growth platform for Nestlé and is well positioned for leadership in medical nutrition, consumer care, and in vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Nutrition and Health Science

At a glance

Sales: CHF 16.2 billion
UTOP: 20.6%
17.7% of Nestlé’s sales

Strengthening a megabrand through continuous innovation: S‑26

In 2018, the S‑26 brand reshaped its core GOLD range with HMOs and lipids, a unique ingredient that contains key nutrients to support brain development that is backed by robust ongoing clinical programs. S‑26 also extended its range with the launch of S‑26 Organic to align with consumer demand.

Fundamental research creates a new growth platform: NAN

The rollout of our ground‑breaking Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) products accelerated in 2018 and now extends to 36 countries across multiple brands. The NAN with HMO launch is one of the most successful in Nestlé’s 150‑year history. It is an example of Nestlé’s commitment to long‑term fundamental research.

A pure born brand that continually differentiates: Garden of Life

Atrium’s Garden of Life is a pure‑born brand that enjoys strong consumer appeal. The brand’s latest line of herbal supplements is fully traceable and sustainably farmed. It is also certified organic and non‑GMO, and is gluten‑free and vegan. The new line makes use of ingredients with known health benefits, such as turmeric.

Building trust through transparency: Gerber

Geber’s organic range has helped open new growth avenues for this iconic brand. These products are GMO‑free, made with natural ingredients and come in pouches and glass jars. The combination of transparent packaging and clear messaging around Clean‑Field Farming strongly resonates with consumers in a category where quality food credentials are fundamental.

Expanding our portfolio with on‑trend organic and natural offerings: illuma

Following the launch of organic varieties in 2017, illuma continued to meet demand for naturality with the launch of illuma Atwo. The new product made with A2 milk, was brought to market within seven months. The success of these launches reflects our ability to source the right ingredients and ensure the integrity of our value chain from farm to bottle.

Resonating with local preferences: OptiFibre and Fibermais

Nestlé Health Science’s OptiFibre powder continued its successful rollout in 2018, helped by its credentials as a clean label, 100% vegetal origin fiber product that is safe, effective and free of side effects. In Brazil, Fibermais with collagen also enjoyed a successful launch by resonating with consumer interest in the link between gut health and skin beauty.