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Prepared dishes and Cooking aids

Our Prepared dishes and cooking aids category contains a wide range of daily staples, from bouillons, soups, ambient and chilled culinary products, to frozen food and pizzas. We have a number of iconic brands, including Maggi, Stouffer’s and Buitoni that cater to regional and local tastes. We are committed to renovating our product portfolio with more natural, tasty and healthy ingredients.

Prepared dishes and Cooking aids

At a glance

Sales: CHF 12.1 billion
UTOP: 18.0%
13.2% of Nestlé’s sales

Meeting local consumer taste: Maggi

Naija Pot reflects Maggi’s ability to localize through consumer insight and recipe adaptation. By combining rapid prototyping with local flavors, we were able to capture the ‘bottom of the pot’ taste that consumers craved. The product reflects Maggi’s ‘partner to everyday cooking’ approach by using local raw materials.

The authentic taste of italian pizza: Buitoni

Buitoni has leveraged pizzeria chef expertise to create an authentic Italian pizza experience inspired by neapolitan know‑how. Buitoni Bella Napoli combines the unique taste and texture of 22‑hour fermented dough with ingredients sourced from regions known for traditional and quality‑focused food culture. The product is also available under the Wagner brand as Ernst Wagners “Original”.

Adding exotic ingredients to excite and surprise: Thomy

Thomy has introduced ethnically-inspired flavors and natural ingredients to meet growing consumer appetite for convenient world cuisine. The brand has also extended its offering in vegan‑friendly products.

Repositioning the core to adapt to new trends: Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets’ successful relaunch has been achieved by adjusting both its target consumer and value proposition. By adding high‑protein variants and investing in its core sandwich segment, the new offering appeals to consumers looking for convenient ‘on the go’ solutions.

Enhancing flavor in top family meals: Maggi

Magic Sarap and Masala Ae Magic are examples of Maggi’s strategy to be the partner to every main meal. The 'All‑in‑one’ seasonings use simple, natural ingredients and a digital recipe service to inspire parents to cook delicious, balanced meals. Reflecting Nestlé’s core purpose, the products help provide affordable nutrition for the whole family.

Scaling up our plant‑based portfolio: Sweet Earth

The launch of the Sweet Earth plant‑based pizza illustrates our efforts to enable the shift to more balanced and sustainable food systems by offering consumers vegan choices for top dishes.