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Lean Cuisine product

Our portfolio offers a range of products that are part of healthy and nutritious meals for families and individuals. By making food tastier and more balanced, we help people lead happier and healthier lives. We empower consumers to make informed food choices, ensuring our packaging and communication provides clear nutritional information and portion guidance.

We continue to drive growth through portfolio renovation, increasing the use of ingredients people know and trust while simplifying labels. This is a key part of our efforts to provide tastier and healthier products while responding to changing consumer demands.

In the United States Stouffer’s and Lean Cuisine are leaders in the frozen food category. Lean Cuisine Marketplace range offers organic ingredients along with gluten-free, high-protein, and no-preservative options. Our Stouffer’s FitKitchen range offers great taste and features 25g or more of healthy protein, garden vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

In Europe, consumers are demanding a wide range of products for alternative diets. We introduced both gluten free pizza and a range of vegetarian products under the Garden Gourmet, Herta & Buitoni brands.

We recognise the role that we can play in tackling under-nutrition in developing markets. Fortified products like Maggi bouillon cubes and soups help reduce the effects of micronutrient deficiencies by providing iron and iodine. These efforts helped Nestlé become the #1 food company in Fortune magazine’s list of ‘Companies that Change the World’ in 2016.