Date: April 10, 2008
Place: Lausanne
Number of shareholders attending: 2570
% representing capital 34.89%
% representing shares entitled to vote: 53.28%


All proposals of the Board of Directors were approved with strong majorities.


The Agenda and Proposals discussed were the following:

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (pdf, 73 Kb)

Convocation à l'Assemblée générale (pdf, 61 Kb)

Einladung zur Generalversammlung (pdf, 61 Kb)

Speeches (Transcripts) & Press release

The speech made by Mr Brabeck, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé, is available:

English by Mr Brabeck (pdf, 66 Kb)

French by Mr Brabeck (pdf, 39 Kb)

German by Mr Brabeck (pdf, 40 Kb)

The press release issued after the event is also available.

Detailed Voting Results

Annual General Meeting 2008 voting results. (pdf, 6 Kb)