Adil, Event Manager in Supply Chain

Adil Khan at work

I’m doing a degree and gaining experience. Nestlé is really investing in me.

My goal changed when I was studying Law and Business at university. I realised early on that I enjoyed the business side. That led me to join the apprenticeship scheme that Nestlé offers and gain experience while studying for my degree. As part of the programme, I’ve rotated across 4 functions: Sales, Marketing, HR and Supply Chain. So far I’ve done everything from creating an induction plan for new starters, to ensuring we have the right amount of stock being produced for the market by liaising with the factory. Having this exposure and experience enabled me to start shaping my career in the direction which I wanted to pursue being supply chain.

I work in the Supply Chain function as an event manager. A typical day for me would be initially checking the status of my projects and pushing them through to the next stage. That might be seeing that artwork is completed, or ensuring that cases fit correctly on a shipper. This would also include weekly calls to give a status update on larger projects which cover innovation and renovation. Challenges happen, but there’s always someone to help.

It means I see lots of projects through from beginning to end. That variety is important to me and keeps me engaged. I work with a wide range of stakeholders from marketers to packers through to the third-party supply chain. The amount of training within the organisation is huge and therefore if I need to understand a process in more depth I can attend a workshop or complete online training to do so.

Career progression is important to me. Nestlé focuses on ensuring its employees are thinking about their next steps in their career. There are tools and processes such as personal evaluations to review development and performance. We update a form ourselves so that Nestlé is aware of where we want to be in the future and we discuss with our managers. They take that preference into account when thinking about future roles. All these showed me that Nestlé invests a large amount of resource in employees’ development.

Adil Khan

I really enjoy the flexible working style too. I’m more in control of when I work and where I work. It’s a huge measure of trust from the company and demonstrates that it is willing to suit employees’ needs by being flexible.

Everyone wants different things and works in different ways. I’ve become increasingly aware of that throughout my roles here. I’ve learned to be open and take the most out of working with people that may have a different working style than mine. I believe that it helps me to be as effective as possible.

Global brands, sustainability, long term business, what’s not to be proud of? If someone was thinking of joining, I’d add that Nestlé cares about employees and wants to push us to achieve the best we can in roles that suit us. Hopefully, they’re proud of us too.