Blair, Quality Specialist

Blair Allen

I had no idea that my temporary job would be the start of a career. I needed a summer gig to fill the time until I found something to pursue my career in finance after graduation. I first started working at Nestlé as a temporary worker on the production floor. An opportunity in Quality arose and led me to the department that was the right fit for me. While working on the floor I was able to gain the experience in different areas from prepping ingredient to shipping finished product. I even filled shipping orders in the warehouse and ordered raw materials in production control. Thanks to those experiences, I was eventually referred for a permanent role.

I work as a Quality Specialist in the Incoming Goods department. I make sure that the raw materials that we receive from suppliers are of the highest quality. Therefore, I inspect and sample them for physical, micro and chemical characteristics. Once the quality check is approved, I release the materials to be used in production.

Working across many functions and networking, enabled me to understand the process of the food industry, from the farm to the fork. I have visited suppliers and worked with the Innovation team to see how they supply what the consumer wants the most.

I also look for what I can learn from a tough situation. My previous role as a Financial Adviser taught me to be persistent, confident in my decisions, and not to be afraid of failure. If I didn’t achieve the outcome I wanted, what actions can I take to help me be successful in a future project?

My team is a very diverse bunch in terms of culture and personalities. It is a small team so we have to work together to keep the department functioning like a well-oiled machine. Nestlé is a supportive place overall, especially when it comes to work life balance. They really are concerned with everyone's health, safety, and well-being.

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I've never been part of a company that develops their people like this. The development conversations, really provide direction and drive to help you excel in your career. Management support is definitely the best. A senior manager, mentored me and helped me improve my development and performance goals. He encouraged me to look for roles that would stretch me. That gave me the courage to seek out my next role.

Nestlé is the place you want to be. That's if you want to succeed, be supported and have lots of opportunities in different areas.