Brittan, Recruiting

Brittan Maisch

Here's my typical day as Project Manager focused on Recruiting Communications. I work from my home office. You could find me working on social media campaigns for our recruiters and HR partners, creating and editing digital content, or facilitating focus groups or presenting results and themes to our stakeholders.

I conduct employee interviews for social content. Through this I can learn about what makes someone successful in their role, and what they enjoy and appreciate about Nestlé. It's inspiring to hear these stories and highlight them on our social channels. They help us attract top talent and increase employee awareness.

My first role was as a talent sourcer in the recruiting team. I enjoyed learning how to integrate social media for effective candidate outreach. Through this interest, and with the support and encouragement of my manager, I was able to gain additional experience and training relevant to various social platforms and metrics. Afterwards, I moved to my current role. I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from numerous functional Employee Value Propositions, LinkedIn trainings and different social media campaigns.

The big surprise? Nestlé is huge! But it's very good at making a very large company seem small and welcoming.

Nestlé was caring from day one. I have two young children and I've never had to miss their doctor's appointments or school programmes. It’s really important to me that I do a great job at work, but here I can excel as a mother, too. Working from home is great help to keep these two aspects balanced.

I started at Nestlé with a son in pre-school. My manager emphasised keeping my family and home life a priority. During my second pregnancy the maternity leave policy was really helpful as well. I feel thankful to be a mother at Nestlé; I feel I have the best of both worlds.

This is a dream job for me. I can combine my career passions with my family life, and enjoy working with the people in my team and across the organisation, even internationally. I have always been provided the necessary resources and training in order to be successful. If there was something that I didn’t know, I have never been afraid to admit it or to ask for help because this culture is so open and supportive. Employees are really encouraged to be curious and lifelong learners.

I recommend Nestlé to everyone. The people make it a joy to work each day. I'm so proud of our community outreach and wellness initiatives, and our flexible environment.

I've made great friends here. I always feel supported as a person and an employee. Our team has a variety of personalities and points of view, but everybody is respectful. This is an inclusive environment that celebrates everyone as an individual.