Dan, Communications

Dan McLoughlin

My role is to keep our employees informed and engaged. I develop our core communication channels, deliver conferences and events to involve colleagues in our business strategy. What I love about the job is the variety – writing is a key skill needed as a lot of what I do is writing, but I also script and shoot videos, deliver printed communications and manage agency partners. I support all business areas so I get a real bird’s eye view of the whole organisation.

Each morning I get in, scan the diary and respond to a few emails. After that, my day involves a team call to discuss issues and check we're all on track. From there, we look at events – we do a major conference every year and have to plan months in advance to get it right. If there's space at lunchtime, I'll walk my colleague's dog. Then it's back for our Town Hall event and a meeting with HR. Lastly, I plan for the next day and stop by the media team to see what press calls have come in.

The local/global outlook. You get the best of both worlds at Nestlé – the strength of being a major company, but with flexibility to do things that are right for the market you are operating in. With colleagues of many nationalities, you always get a fresh perspective on things.

I started as a corporate affairs graduate trainee in banking, became an agency consultant for global brands, and at Nestlé I have headed up internal communications for the UK and Ireland market and am about to take up a regional role for our pet care business.

Nestlé is rich in well-loved and trusted brands. That definitely attracted me at first. I'd worked with the company when I was a consultant so I knew it was supportive and invested in its people. I was also aware of the positive impact it makes and saw how I could contribute to its strong purpose and commitment to society.

What surprised me here were the dogs. Our office was one of the the first Nestlé HQs to adopt a pets at work policy across all business areas. I don't have a dog myself but luckily for me my colleagues do. Dogs in the office are great for wellness.

Consumer goods is a great sector to be in. In communications, you can learn about the various categories we operate whilst on the job. Just be passionate about communicating in an authentic manner and about improving what you do.