Emma, Technical Solutions Specialist

Emma Cox, digital

In IT, it is often the job that changes around you, as technologies and business needs also change. I have worked on first- and second-line technical support, to training and on specific projects. In 1997, we migrated the PC fleet to Windows 95 and Pentium 5 PCs. A few years later, it was Blackberrys, and then iPhones. More recently, it’s been about digital, from live-streaming internal events internationally to a 7x2 m information wall showcasing our brand content and social listening, bringing our consumers closer.

I’ve learnt to embrace change. My role has changed hugely over the years. It can be challenging, but it’s also very exciting and it’s good to be part of a team that is on the edge of change.

I configured and handed out the first iPhones in the business. The advent of mobile technology is a sea-change in the way we do business. It’s exciting to be involved in it. My team has also been part of the setup of Nespresso Boutiques, which have a completely different business model. I have also worked on user capability projects, trying to refine and improve our technical documentation into more user friendly formats, so we can embed IT capability into our business.

There’s no such thing as a typical day for me. I could start off by helping someone with a laptop and finish the day looking at our mobile device strategy. I like the individual contact with other people in the business, from helping someone with a Skype call to getting someone working remotely back online, but I also work on big impact events and large infrastructure projects.

Technology aside, I see diversity in action every day. The leadership team of my department is a progressive and committed group. We’re a bunch of different personalities, but I think we all work with each other and bounce off each other in positive ways.

When I had the chance to work for such a large company doing something cutting edge, I jumped at it. For me, what makes Nestlé stand out are the working relationships you can form. Although it’s a large multi-national, it maintains a people-centric feel, where people can be individuals. It’s the people you work with who make coming to work fun. It’s that interaction, support and engagement that makes my job enjoyable.

Working with all areas of the business means we get to see it from the sharp end. It could be anything from opening a Nespresso boutique to supporting a corporate event, to helping out production line colleagues. It’s continually surprising.

Nestlé helps us too. When circumstances meant I needed to reduce my working hours to help support my family better, my manager, team and Nestlé were brilliant in enabling that.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is making a difference to other people. That can be through fixing something, saving someone time or improving their capability. My job helps them to do theirs.

IT is a very exciting area to get into. We are moving rapidly away from traditional computing. The user community is switched on and connected 24/7. So are our consumers. It makes IT a brilliant and rewarding challenge. I would say be prepared to work hard, but also that Nestlé will support you in your ambitions and encourage you to make the most of yourself.