Joany, R&D Engineer

Joany Hernandez Perez

Projects that involve problem solving are the ones I enjoy the most. I work in the engineering group in R&D and one of the most exciting things I worked on was leading a qualification protocol on a new high-speed product line. I had to make sure it performed and met key product attributes.

My current role is some way from where I started. I began as a Process Manager in the Technical Applications Group (TAG), supporting new product launches, ensuring the expected performance from the factory measures perspective and the desired product attributes for consumers’ satisfaction. That role allowed me to look at the opportunities in the Technical & Production organization and what could be done to better support the business. It gave me exposure to different functions, international vendors and R&D, where I am working now.

My job exposes me to new technologies and skills. Building knowledge for Nestlé while I improve my own technical skills is a 'win-win' situation. I can lead other technical experts and learn from them. I'm building up on my project management skills as well as my technical career through new technologies and research work.

There's a lot of diversity to my days. Typically they start with reviewing my priorities but I could then head to the airport to work from a vendor's site or a factory for a couple of days. There's no great routine and I enjoy the challenges and interactions I wouldn't have if I was at the office every day.

My team brings different perspectives and backgrounds. Most of them have been group managers and factory managers, and it's an honour for me to be part of it. They're great coaches and I benefit from their experience. The most rewarding aspect is the connections you make. The level of talent in the company is remarkable and the people you meet give you more tools to tackle professional and personal situations.

There are challenges that come from being a woman in engineering. But I've been as challenged and supported as my male counterparts. I'm currently located far from my family and management completely supports me in working remotely or taking time off when I need to attend a family event, for example.

Nestlé's global footprint of products was apparent in Latin America, where I grew up. That first attracted me, as did their respect for everyone – even if you're straight from school.

The company wants us to try new roles. Where other organisations might want to you to build expertise in one area alone, Nestlé helps you discover your true passion. The opportunities for me are endless.

An engineering career is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to be with an organisation that exposes you to the experiences you need to develop.