Manuel, Demand Management

Manuel Tacastacas

I am proud of working on the distribution of Nestlé products. I started as temporary employee and was made permanent as a Deployer. My role was to handle different distribution centres. Currently, I am working within Supply Chain as Specialist Demand Management.

We’ve always got something different that we’re focusing on. That might be innovations in our systems and processes, for example, or maybe we’re looking at savings we contribute. One thing’s for certain: there’s no typical day.

There’s always time for development, though. You’ll be trained in how to do your tasks quickly and within the deadline.

We support each other to finish on time. Before a colleague leaves for the day, they’ll ask if everyone else is OK with the tasks they’ve got or if they need help. It’s a small gesture but it means a lot. They’re all supportive and friendly, team spirit is very high.

I’d done accounting roles in the Philippines for 20 years. Then my wife’s work as a registered nurse brought us to the US. After a back room role I started temping, ended up here, and feel very, very lucky.

Moving to the US was a big adjustment. We had to speak English instead of Tagalog, and make new friends. It also means I’ve moved away from accounting and into supply chain.

Nestlé values your experience. You can work your way into the position you want, and find all the tools to help you achieve your career goal. And it’s global so you can even have a lot of options regarding mobility.