Matthew, Collection Specialist

Matthew Rucker collection specialist

My job means I learn every day. I monitor customers' payments trends, ensure prompt payment on invoices and deal with other departments to resolve any problems. While I have a daily routine that starts with updating my account portfolio, it can all change after that. Most of the time I troubleshoot and find root causes of issues, which I find very rewarding.

I see the whole process from here. So much goes into creating, selling and shipping the product, but we're the only team who make Nestlé gets payment– we view it the process from order to cash. My team shares my commitment and we're always exceeding our goals.

A red carpet event! Implementing a new system and processes across the department was a challenge, but the whole team bought in. We met our year end goals and had a red carpet event to celebrate our huge success! The event was well-deserved and a lot of fun!

The team has fun but gets the job done. Though we have different career goals, we're focused on what we have to do. We meet every Friday to discuss updates and team wins, but it's light-hearted.

I started out of college. Since then I've been able to do varied projects that are customer-specific and involve understanding and resolving recurring glitches or issues that prevent the customer paying promptly. Nestlé cares about and supports the career development of their young employees and gives them the tools to grow.

The one thing I like most about Nestlé? It’s hard to pick one, but I would have to say it’s the people who work here. There is palpable energy, a sense of community and shared initiative throughout the campus.

Every six months, I grow. My manager and I sit down and go over ways I can improve and reach my goals. Seminars and coaching help me improve my skills as a trainer, problem solver and coach. I'm learning what I'm good at, what I enjoy and where I should improve.

You can launch your career here. Come with an open mind, confident in your strengths and conscious of your weaknesses. It's a great place to develop, learn and grow as a professional.