Olivia, Marketing

Marketing employee at Nestlé

I'm involved in every aspect of marketing for Nescafé Mixes. I work on projects such as consumer insight, communications development, packaging, promotions, commercial strategy and brand planning. We manage the entire plan for the brands and contribute to innovation projects, campaign development, even shopper activities.

One minute I'll be talking about the shape of a gingerbread biscuit on a pack, and the next I'll be looking at growth numbers on a huge spreadsheet. The challenge with marketing is that we are “in the middle” of all projects. We have so many different topics to look into every day that we have to be able to switch from one subject to the other very quickly and effectively.

I've come a long way since Paris. That's where I started my career working as Assistant Brand Manager for La Laitiere Chilled Dairy Desserts. After 3 years in France, I wanted a new challenge and I joined Nestlé in the UK to work as Brand Manager. Since then, I've worked on many different brands and projects within the marketing team.

One of the most enjoyable things I have done has been to lead the strategic direction and plans for Nescafé Original. It needed a new direction. I led the development of new digital communications and a campaign which rejuvenated the brand. This was the “Big Start” campaign, where consumers could nominate someone to enjoy a big, amazing start to the day. It was very risky as we used real people, surprised them and filmed the content for the campaign. However, creating these surprises and seeing people’s reactions was incredible.

Nestlé was my dream business to work for. This is because I loved the brands and also because I had met people who worked for Nestlé and shared their great experience with me. Nestlé seemed like a people company, where I could develop and have a long term career. I have also learnt more about the company throughout the time I have worked here. For example, through working on Creating Shared Value and the Nescafé Plan, I have appreciated the environmental plans and corporate social responsibility Nestlé is striving for. That’s why Nestlé really stands out for me.

Marketing employee at Nestlé

Working with a diverse team is incredibly powerful. Our team has people from Spain, Germany, France, Australia, Mexico and Switzerland. This creates a very open culture but also has helped me to evolve, adapt and learn from different ways of working.

Everyone here has a voice – you can contribute at any level. We all feedback to managers as well, so your views count. Managers are responsible for the engagement of their teams which they take very seriously. This is great to create an open culture which can evolve and adapt.

The mentoring is extremely helpful. Nestlé assigned me a mentor who is a senior leader within the organisation. The mentoring helps me to develop in the areas I would like to improve. I value that I can be very open with my mentor, who listens and give me advice based on his past experience.

The most rewarding part is managing people and seeing them progress. I have been a line manager for 4 years now and have enjoyed coaching them and seeing them develop. I have also learnt so much from managing people who are different to me, and who approach things in a different way.

If you're thinking of joining us, be yourself. Nestlé values diversity, different ways of thinking and experiences. And trust your instincts. I had a gut feeling that this was the right company for me when I walked in the building and met the people.