Ryan, Industrial Performance Manager

Ryan McPhee

The rotational programme enabled success. I started with the Operation Management Trainee (OMT) rotational programme, as a factory Process Engineer. I was responsible for large capital projects, while learning the day-to-day operation of our factory, across all functions. From there, I worked as Production Supervisor in one of the toughest, most formative, and rewarding roles of my career to date. For the last rotation of the OMT programme, I spent two years as a Market Industrial Performance Engineer working on various projects from factory problem solving and capability building to corporate process improvement. Fortunate to have a variety of experience and exposure, I became a Programme Manager for our Market Industrial Engineers. Ultimately bringing me to my current role, as Industrial Performance Manager for Market Contract Manufacturing, where I able leverage my experience in a very new environment.

Each day's unique to itself. I spend most of my time supporting and developing my team of engineers, driving the projects and deliverables I'm responsible for, and managing communication and execution with my network of stakeholders. Operating in a network environment presents unique challenges. Coupled with a changing manufacturing landscape, it keeps us on our toes.

Fast pace, high performance and diversity. As part of a team where the bar is set high. We are a diverse group, culturally and professionally, that through autonomy and support are able to achieve a high level of execution, exposure and impact. The empowerment and character of our folks provides a great work environment and career we can be proud of.

The most rewarding times have been when I found myself out my comfort zone. Whether this was in a position, project, executive meeting, I had the backing and confidence from my management to succeed. These situations have accelerated my growth and development personally and professionally.

Ryan McPhee working with a team

Why did I choose the Operation Management Trainee (OMT) programme? After graduating from university with a background in Engineering, I sought out career opportunities that would afford me broad exposure to factory operations and allow me, with hard work, to determine my career path. Quickly, I found that Nestlé’s OMT programme would provide not only a great career opportunity, but a career with a great and stable company with a high degree of integrity and care for their people.

As a parent, I also value the support. With a growing family, now having two kids, 4 years old and 3 months old, Nestlé was very supportive during and after both of their births. Our recent policy changes are ahead of the curve, actively supporting both parents at a very exciting, but challenging time. This has allowed me to comfortably balance personal and professional needs throughout my time with the company.

Volunteering with Nestlé has changed my outlook for the better. I had the opportunity to represent Nestlé volunteer efforts by taking students from the local school for the deaf to Disney World. This very unique, appreciative, and impactful experience, coupled others volunteer efforts supporting the food bank, and local community highlight the culture Nestle has embraced.

Nestlé is a great place to start. If you are looking for a challenging environment with a company you're confident will take care of you, this is it. Over the course of the seven plus years I have been with the company and after being exposed to a wide range of the operation, I can confidently say that Nestlé has acted in the best interest of their employees.

I have learned to not put a ceiling on capability, to surround yourself with great people, and through the power observation to learn from every situation.

  • With a little hard work and time spent in uncomfortable situations, new capabilities and capacities will be found beyond expectation
  • Being a part of a team of great people raises the individual and team deliverable
  • Observing and learning from the behaviours, successes, failures and nuances of others in the situation, will incrementally prepare you for handling these new dynamics.