Simon, Sales

Simon Bettex sales

My focus is on the shopper marketing side of the business. I work in the Category Channel Sales Development (CCSD) team of the beverages division. While brand managers focus on creating compelling products and campaigns, we work with them to make sure we adapt their messages for in-store environments and online retailers’ websites. I act as an internal consultant. It involves talking to the teams, agencies and activation managers to ensure we’ve got the right message for the right audience in the right channel.

I also work on mid- to long-term projects. For example, identifying opportunities to improve the way we work internally and externally to better execute in-store and online. My end goal is to provide valuable input to the Beverage team on the short term and on the long term. It is by combining the two that I feel that we are able to better communicate with our shoppers.

We’re learning all the time. Being in touch with many different people from various backgrounds fosters new ideas and challenges each of us to do better. For me, that means translating brand experiences into even more relevant in-store executions.

Simon Bettex working with the team

Everybody thinks in a different way. Being able to learn from my colleagues is important to my day. Building trust means we’re all able to work as a team, and I know I can count on them.

I’ve been an intern, a commercial analyst and an assistant brand manager. Afterwards, I was selected for the International Development Programme (IDP). Yet during the first nine months on the programme, I worked with senior management and experienced one of the most intellectually challenging environments I’ve ever encountered. Among the projects I was involved, I contributed to the development and implementation of the Innovation & Renovation pipeline for the Beverages category.

I even joined because of the leadership. I found their way of considering the business very inspiring and felt I could work with and learn from them. So many people here are ready to share their knowledge. It’s why I keep growing within Nestlé today.

Believe it or not, in just four years I’ve worked in three different markets and also HQ. That’s definitely proof that Nestlé is supporting my personal and professional development. Nestlé provides you with a safe and sound environment, employees feel they can be themselves and thus grow personally and professionally. This combined to the fact that the company’s scale generates numerous opportunity in terms of roles makes it an ideal environment to grow in.

Summing up my experiences so far isn’t easy. But there are highlights. Take the cultural and local complexity of coffee, for example. When we released a new coffee based on Cuban coffee tradition, new and existing Cuban customers said how much it reminded them of their parents, grandparents and home. It’s great to know we contributed.

Being yourself is the best advice I can give about a career here. Ask questions and see if the company values match yours. Then it’ll be win-win for you and the employer.