Sowmya, Business Analyst

Sowmya Lakshmi

I help impact decisions on trade promotion. It’s a unique role. I’m a liaison between sales and finance in decisions related to promotions. I have learnt a lot of new financial skills. I’ve also developed three key tools that helps with trade promotions decision making process and risk mitigation.

Business analysis is so interesting. I might be identifying the optimum balance between % lift and % return of investment (ROI) on trade events, or looking at the judicious spend of trade budget. Or I could deal with incremental promotion approvals based on historical data, or carry out ad hoc analysis on promotion performance. There is no typical day, which makes it all the more exciting.

My career path. I started off my career as a marketing associate, then shifted gears and worked as financial advisor for a credit card company. More recently I moved into data analytics with a business consultancy global firm. Then I took on my current role at Nestlé, where I provide insights and recommendation on promotions, ROI, Lift, incremental volumes, trade cost and margin dollars.

Why did I choose Nestlé? To put it simply, it was the prospects of growth. Though I was also attracted by the diversity and strong work ethic.

There are many things that I love about working at Nestlé. For a start, the people are great human beings with strong ethics. I also love that Nestlé is contributing towards the betterment of society. I’m particularly proud of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. Plus the company is global in every sense. All of us around the world are woven into it.

My colleagues are friendly, supportive and really diverse personalities. They have a witty sense of humour that I love. We seek inspiration from each other. Nestlé culture creates an environment that fosters growth.

Sowmya Lakshmi

Development and support are woven into it too. I’ve learned new finance skills here, which is very valuable. But as importantly, I needed different working hours after becoming a parent. My manager was very flexible and understood.

It’s great when your own talent is recognised. It’s proof that good quality work means something. I’ve also learned to stay positive, collaborate and trust in team work.

There are so many great opportunities to grow and learn. Development is part of the environment here, which is a good reason to join us.