Mar 16, 2015

Alliance for YOUth to use Facebook to boost youth employability

The Alliance for YOUth Facebook page

The Alliance for YOUth has launched an online community on Facebook to help young people find jobs.

The Alliance for YOUth is part of a European youth employment initiative created by Nestlé involving close to 200 companies.

The Facebook recruitment page, called All4YOUth, will notify users of new jobs and training opportunities from members of the Alliance and provide tips and advice to young people to help increase their employability.

It marks the first time that all employment and training opportunities available in the Alliance for YOUth companies are brought together on one platform.

More and more jobseekers are turning to social media to find work, with 8 out of 10 people using Facebook as part of their job search.

“The creation of this platform is a new milestone in the journey of the Alliance for YOUth” said Luis Cantarell, Nestlé’s Executive Vice President and Zone Director for Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

“By partnering with Facebook we can help provide a host of new opportunities to young people who may be struggling to enter the labour market.”

Read the full press release on the Nestlé UK website