Mar 3, 2015

Nestlé to sell new Fitness cereal with less sugar, more wheat in Europe

woman eating breakfast

Nestlé is launching across Europe a new version of its popular adult Fitness cereal with 30% less sugar, as part of its ongoing effort to make nutritional improvements to its products.

The sugars taken out of Nestlé Fitness Original are replaced mainly by increasing the amount of whole wheat and rice. The new product will be available across select markets in Europe this month, followed later by a roll-out to Latin America and Asia.

Nestlé has also modified where certain ingredients, like sugar, are located in the new Fitness flakes in order to maintain flavour while improving the nutritional profile of the product. There is less sugar inside each new Fitness cereal flake because sugar on the surface coating provides enough sweetness.

The new product contains as much iron and calcium as the original product and contains no artificial sweeteners. It is being launched through Nestlé’s joint venture, Cereals Partners Worldwide, with General Mills Inc.