Feb 23, 2016

‘The building blocks of life’: Nestlé Health Science invests in amino acid research

senior couple

Nestlé Health Science is investing CHF 42.3 million (USD 42.5 million) in Pronutria Biosciences, a US startup that is developing amino-acid based products with the potential to treat serious medical conditions.

Known as the ‘building blocks of life’, amino acids combine to build proteins in the body and are critical for many of its functions. Deficiencies are linked to neurological, metabolic, muscle and liver disorders.

Pronutria will use the investment to fund further research, including advancing the development of its novel compound PN-107. This compound has potential to treat the problem of lost muscle mass caused by, for example, aging, long bed rest or immobilisation.

Read the full press release on the Nestlé Health Science website.