Diversity and gender balance at Nestlé

diversity and gender balance at Nestlé

Today, we celebrate diversity and gender balance at Nestlé by highlighting the entrepreneurial talent of Luisa Spagnoli, the Italian business woman who created the chocolate brand Perugina.

Baci Perugina represents the feminine values of passion, creativity, and determination that Nestlé is committed to encourage and nurture.

At the Women's International Networking conference in Rome today, Peter Vogt, Nestlé’s Chief Human resources officer said, “If we are to progress on gender balance, we all need to embrace and accelerate our efforts to adapt to the ever-changing world, both women and men of all generations.”

Diversity and inclusion are part of Nestlé’s DNA. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain diversity of talents. As part of our 'Diversity & Inclusion Strategy', we aim to increase the number of women in leadership positions every year.

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